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My first step was to look for external laboratories to formulate and manufacture the product for me. That was a big challenge, as every lab I went through tried to explain to me why the product couldn’t be completely natural. With how little information I had, I had no choice but to accept their ingredients or move on to the next option. I chose to move to the next one over and over again.

This was a turininf point for my project. Realizing that formulation was not something I could delegate to someone who didn’t understand my essence as a company, I decided I had to learn how to formulate my own products.

In 2019 I started my “Natural Cosmetic Formulation” studies at the prestigious “Botanical Formula” school in the UK.

A small laboratory at home has witnessed my experiments and learnings, but above all, the great passion I am placing in each of the products I am creating. This experience defined our second principle of my brand:


Transparency in ingredients. That’s why you’ll know what each ingredient on the label means,

what is its purpose and what is the impact on the skin. There will be no ingredients hidden under the name of «Fragrance».

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