The perfect complement

This was not the first time I started a business. So when I faced these setbacks with the labs, I was afraid to give up once again. From there I embarked on the most important journey of my life. The journey within me. Through meditation and manifestation techniques, I began to believe that it was possible. By working on the beliefs ingrained in me that might limit me, I was able to understand how many of my behaviors were learned or triggered by things from my childhood. I slowly realized how disconnected I was from myself for years. Above all, disconnected from my body.

I then began to incorporate love rituals into my life. Looking in the mirror in the mornings, it would no longer be to judge my new gray hair, wrinkles or kilos, but to tell me «I love you» and say «Thank you» because it is my body that allows me to do the activities that will lead me to my dream. This new routine of loving myself became so beautiful to me, that I couldn’t understand why I didn’t start it sooner.


TWEENGREENS strives for children to start as soon as possible.

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