I started researching the best way to care for children’s skin. One reading led me to another, and little by little I became aware of the impact that many of the ingredients that we use daily in our care have on our health. So I decided I wanted a natural product.

I tried a lot of «natural» super options. but none seemed to suit her. When I learned how to analyze tags, I realized that these choices weren’t as natural as their marketing communications claimed.

Although she was looking for the most natural options possible, the recurrent dermatitis on her skin and the dryness in her hair never seemed to go away. The supply of products was non-existent. Or she found baby products that didn’t clean her well, or products for the whole family that were too strong for her specific needs. From here the first value of our brand was born:

Products with 100% natural ingredients, developed for the special skin necesities

of children between 7 and 13 years old

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