Beatriz Morales,


When my daughter asked me to cut her distinctive beautiful hair because she was told at school that it always looked disheveled, I understood that children start caring about their appearance from an early age and that they are more than willing to drop something so distinctive about themselves in order to fit...

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I started researching the best way to care for children’s skin. One reading led me to another, and little by little I became aware of the impact that many of the ingredients that we use daily in our care have on our health. So I decided that I wanted a natural product...

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Change of


My first step finding outside laboratories that would develop and manufacture my product. This was a great challenge, as each laboratory I was moving with tried to explain to me why the product could not be completely natural. With what little information I had, I had no choice but to accept their ingredients or move to the next option. I chose to move to the next one over and over again...

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The perfect complement

This was not the first time I started a business. So when I faced these setbacks with the labs, I was afraid to give up once again. From that point on I embarked on the most important journey of my life...

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